Monday, April 18, 2016

Hitler Hated me

It looked pretty dicey for my village back then and it was my own fault the Germans planned to blast us all to Hell with 88s. Hitler never got over the giant Hitler head we barged across the *French Channel on D Day or how the newspapers fussed over me while I was constructing it. The giant, goofy Hitler barge diverted an entire battery of artillery, artillery that otherwise would have sunk any number of Allied ships and landing craft. So Hitler was mad at me personally.
I told the village elders to just tie me up and deliver me to the Storm Troopers, if they did that, they could save the village. The people are kindly in my village and have their pride, and, thus, rejected that idea. The elders told me that if I applied myself, I could think my way out of the mess we were in, fat chance, thought I, we're all dead ducks. For now, the citizens would be safe in the cheese cellars, in the future, who knows.
Distressed, I reclused myself to my "homemade" bunker constructed entirely of failed Wartsila and Gray Marine diesel engine blocks which I had purchased as scrap and was my little happy place and where I could think. My entire worldly fortune was tied up in that scrap metal and just who was I going to sell it to, the scrap metal hungry Germans?
I did have loads of high explosives and detonators, a brave village woman stole an entire half-track of them from the aggressive Waffen-SS swine. I had to be careful, however, we didn't want the cheeses to roll off the shelves and be split open like Hitler's ugly ass crack.
You feel somewhat invulnerable when protected by a massive construction of Wartsilas, heh heh, and that aids thinking.
"Curds," the village devil boy, did odd jobs for me in the scrapyard and was, to my way of thinking, overly interested in the explosives and detonators, kind of like I was as a teen except all I had was baking soda and vinegar to terrorize people with but this was wartime and occasionally, even Curds had a point. Curds put some HE in a large engine cylinder and blew a hefty cheese ball out at the Wehrmacht that hadn't a taste since God knows when. This bought us some time. The Nazis were all suffering from cheese deprivation at that stage of the war and Curd's attack through them off their game. That's right, cheese, the secret weapon.
I was scared. Up until that time, the only bad thing that ever happened to me was to be set loose, blindfolded in the Serengeti with 50 lbs of cat food chained to my back. this was worse or about as bad, maybe worse. All I did to deserve that fate was to simply ask the local King how to say: "what time does your husband get home" in the local dialect, big hairy deal! This occurred roughly at the same time where I had hit upon 1600 girls straight without result (result meaning a date.)
I never had a date but did get some female contact, the girls would exploit me mercilessly and make me run endless small errands with no pay or even a pat on my bald head. I didn't mind, these were girls! Real girls!
Finally, my luck turned, and inmate Bad Girl 77512 at the school for bad girls, took pity on me and flipped me a girl magazine and told me to study it cover to cover and never act like any of the boys in it. OK, I was now on my way!
Back to the war.. Curds was rummaging around in the half track the village woman liberated and discovered a secret stash of stinky Limburger cheese which has that aroma of smelly feet and was scientifically proven to attract mesquitos to the same high degree as smelly feet. Really.
We fired off the Limburger at the Germans and they were thrilled until the entire force was viciously consumed by sky-darkening hordes of skeeters from the blessed swamp nearby. Praise Allah from whom all blessings flow.
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